About INT.Glim

A long long time ago, in the sixth month of the year 2000 I started blogging. I could never have forseen that it would become such a longlasting and intense hobby! The first years I blogged in English, because there simply was no Dutch blogging community. After a while blogging became more popular in my home country and in 2010 I switched to blogging in Dutch. It was easier that way.

After four years of blogging only in my native tongue I decided to start a new project; a blog, based on my Dutch blog, but in English. And here we are! INT.Glim was born! It is a not a copy of my Dutch blog, because not everything is relevant to international readers. I hope to make it into a sort of spin off. Part of the blogposts will be direct translations and others will be original content.


+ Glim.org runs on WordPress.org
+ The theme I used as a base is called Themify Base, I personalised it myself
+ The font used in the header is called Orange
+ The colors I used in this layout are #000000, #333333, #c73866, #fe676e, #fd8f52 and #ffdca2
+ The Social Media Icons I use are made by Carrieloves.com
+ Pictures are taken with my Canon EOS 1100d and I edit them in Photoshop

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