Food Bucket List

Food Bucket List

I’ve never made a Food Bucket List before! It’s just like a “normal” bucket list, but all the things on it are related to food! What’s not to love?

- Make my own soup
Believe it or not but I’ve never made a soup before. I’ve always gotten mine in a can, bag or carton. I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m not too big on soup. I refused to eat it when I was a child and even now there are only two kinds that I actually love, one is – of course – pea soup during winter, according to tradition here in the Netherlands and during the rest of the year I eat vegetarian mushroom soup. Still I think it will be fun to make my own soup some time. It should not be very hard to do and I can make it exactly the way I like it.

- Bake an apple pie
No, I’m not totally out of this world, of course I’ve baked apple pie before! The thing is however that it has been so long, the last time I made it I was still living with my parents. I would love to do it again. Because homemade apple pie is still the very best!

- Bake a marzipan covered cream filled cake
A cake with the whole shebang! I’ve never done it before, I have however promised Casper to make one together this summer.. hope it’ll go well!

- Make Mmillionaire’s shortbread
I was introduced to this by another mom I met at school. Now I must tell you that I’m not easily impressed when it comes to homebaking, but oh em gee, this is something I have to make! You can find a recepy over here.

Food Bucket List

- Make cheesecake
Again something I’ve never made myself. I’m not even sure if I’m a big fan of cheesecake in general, but still I want to try and make one!

- Eat sweet potatoe
I quite like potatoes, most of the time I prefer them over rice or pasta. And these are said to be sweet so they should be right up my alley. Why haven’t I tried these before!?

- Bake blondies
Wow, I think we’ll all be twenty pounds heavier by the time I’ve wrestled myself through this list! I’ve made brownies before, but never blondies. Good thing about blondies is that my boyfriend does not like them, so there will be more for me! ;)

- Hot cinnamon apple pieces
Apple and cinnamon is a match made in heaven. This snack is fast and easy to make and is worth a try!

For more recepies and food ideas, please check my Pinterest food board!

What’s on your Food Bucket List?

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