Moleskine Monday

Moleskine Monday

A couple of months ago I got an unexpected tax refund and got a little spend happy and bought myself a couple of things I would not normally buy. One of these things was an blank Moleskine notebook, that I’ve been using as sort of an art journal since then. Today I’ll share with you the entries up untill now.

001 – All The Things That I Love – May 28 2014
Used: Sharpies, gelpens

Believe it or not but it’s quite difficult to get your hands on some genuine Sharpies in the Netherlands. I searched for them high and low in the past but couldn’t find them. Then recently I discovered them at a webshop called Needless to say I was excited to finally start using them! I filled the first pages of my notebook with all the things that I love. In Dutch, obviously.




002 – No Amount of Guilt – June 3 2014
Used: Sharpies, coloring pencils, cardboard

I’ve been drawing these tree stump like patterns ever since I was a kid. I used to do it in class while listening to the teacher. After completing the background I went looking for a quote to go with it. After a couple of days I found one that fitted me on Instagram. I always worry about everything and this is a lesson I should remind myself of on a daily basis.



003 – The Magic Lives On – June 18 2014
Used: Ink, thread, crepe paper, pencil, gold glitter, mod podge, pages from the book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I can’t help it, I suppose I’ll be a Harry Potter fangirl for life! A while ago I picked up a copy of Harry Potter and the HBP from the thrift store, to craft with, since I won’t be removing pages from my own beloved copy. And embroiding on paper was something I had been wanting to try for quite some time. It turns out to be quite a nice technique.

Moleskine Monday

004 – Gotta Have ‘Em All! – July 9 2014
Used: Pencils, ink, stamp

I am an avid collector of make-up and beauty products. It really makes me happy to hoard these things. Unfortunatly drawing is not my forte, but hopefully my technique will improve with some practice.

Moleskine Monday

Do you have an art journal?

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