Summer Plans

Summer Plans

We’ve been so spoiled by the good weather here in the Netherlands that I had almost forgotten that the – astronomical – summer season started only two weeks ago. The nice long and warm days we’ve had here over the past months weren’t anything like the typical cool spring days I’m familiar with. They were very welcome to me because they make me feel great. Like in previous years, the winter with its low temperatures, wind and rain depressed me a lot earlier this year, I don’t feel at home in that kind of weather at all, which makes me think I was born in the wrong place.

Time is flying now though! Before I know it summer will be over again. But first; the long summer holidays. Only two more weeks and Casper’s school will be out! I know the thought of it alone is enough to drive some moms crazy, but not me! Some of his days off will be claimed by the grandparents but personally I’m hoping for a lot of mother and son time. And of course some family time!

Martijn, Casper and I will be visiting Luxembourg this summer and… we’re going camping! You see my son is a big son of a Dutch television show about camping called Campinglife but he has never camped before. He’s turning six in October we decided it was time for him to experience the magic (or horrors) of camping. I went to Luxembourg once before, when I was still living with my parents. It was quite something as I was sharing a tent with my mom. During the night I discovered she snored. She snored like a badass. It was awful!!! Really, I was this close to hurting my mother just to shut her up. Thankfully I didn’t! But it was no wonder I was cranky during that trip, considering the little sleep I got.

Luxembourg however was awesome! It’s a gorgeous country and there are tons of activities to try. For example you can take a train down a mine, rent a tractor (and ride it all day!) take the Barefoot Path and much more. I’m very happy to go back and hope I will love it as much as I did all those years ago.

And the rest of the vacation? Oh we’ll see.. Sleeping, relaxing, picknicking, playing soccer in the park, reading, drawing, riding our bikes; bring it on!

What are your summer plans?

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