Blog Help: 33 Blogpost Ideas

Blog Help: 33 Blogpost Ideas

It can happen to the best of us; newbies or seasoned bloggers. All of a sudden you’re troubled by a writer’s block! Somehow you’ve seem to run out of inspiration, you’re all out of ideas or you’re tired of writing the same things over and over again. To help you out, I’ve made up a list of 33 ideas to get those creative juices flowing again.

1. Write about a personal experience. It doesn’t have to be something ground breaking, perhaps humour is your thing. Or maybe it was something small that somehow taught you something valuable.

2. A bit more to the point: a trip you recently made. A visit to the ZOO, a city you explored, a hike you went on.

3. Share a list: This moment’s favorites, dislikes, bloggers, quotes, movies, blog tips etc.

4. Do a Tag

5. Review something (a product, book, movie, restaurant..)

6. Show your collection. Don’t deny it! You’re a hoarder just like me.. what’s your weak spot? Make-up, The Smurfs, stamps, insects..

7. Dedicate a post to your pet!

8. Creativity is valued by a lot of people so show your craftings! It could be a drawing, knitting or maybe topiary is your thing.

9. Current events

10. Share a recipe

11. Write about your favorite spot. Is it at home in your reading nook? Or maybe at the park?

12. Compose a wishlist

13. What are the best things about your hometown? Or maybe the worst?

14. Use the Blog Topic Generator

15. Interview someone: your significant other, other bloggers..

16. Challenge yourself. Start to run, stop eating meat, learn Chinese, start the Day Zero Project and share your experiences.

17. Share your love story. Where did you and your lover first meet? Was it love at first sight? Or maybe write about your horrible ex!

18. Make a step by step tutorial.

19. Share your most embarrassing stories

20. Photo log

21. What would you tell your younger self?

22. What are your ambitions for the next ten years?

23. Why did you start blogging and what were you hoping to achieve by doing it. What do you hope to achieve now?

24. If you could dine with any five famous persons – dead or alive – who would you pick and why?

25. Discribe your childhood dreams. What were your wishes – what did you fear?

26. Giveaway

27. Compose a list of the strangest search engine referrals to your blog

28. A “spam your blog” post

29. Tell us about your bad habits

30. Write about yourself. Who are you, where are you from, what was your childhood like, what’s most important to you, what do you value etc.

31. Write about something you love but everyone around you hates, or vice versa.

32. Make a poll to find out how to improve your blog and what your visitors want to read.

33. Go through your blog archives and see if there are any posts there that you can write a sequel to. Maybe your views have changed over time?

What’s your best blogpost idea?

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