Favoriete Items @ 1991Inc

Have you heard of the webshop 1991Inc.com? They sell crazy ass fun clothes – just my humble opinion of course – featuring all over photo prints. Really, they’re awesome!

Favorite Items 1991Inc: Tanktops

Favorite Items 1991Inc: Sweaters

My most favorite out of the bunch is the sweater with the sloth. It’s cute and tough at the same time! I’m lovin’ it!

Favorite Items 1991Inc: Hoodies en Leggings


1991Inc.com ships worldwide, though I can’t be sure about the shipping and handling costs. All items are printed after they’re ordered so it can take a while for your order to reach you. If you’re looking for new clothes right now, 1991Inc is not the place to be, but when you got some time to wait it out it will definatly supply you with a piece of clothing that will start many a conversation.

When you use the code 1YEAR during checkout you get a 20% discount at the moment!

What do you think about all over prints?

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