Swatch From My Stash: Readers Choice II

Douglas Fireworks

Last week I started this new item on my (Dutch) blog. You – the reader – gets to choose which nail polish I swatch next! The choice wasn’t easy: the nude-y pink P2 Love Letter, the red Ciaté Mistress and the duochrome Douglas Fireworks.

Still the results were clear, six out of ten voters picked Fireworks! Fine by me! Eventhough the color isn’t really summery, I was excited to wear it again since it had been a very long time!

Douglas Fireworks

Douglas Absolute Nails Fireworks is a known dupe for the polish called Peridot by Chanel. I found out about this only after purchasing this polish, it was the gorgeous duochrome that got me, not the supposed dupe. It was released as a limited edition during the holiday season of 2011 so unfortunatly it’s no longer available in stores.

Douglas Fireworks
in direct sunlight

The polish is a gorgeous bronze golden shimmery one with a green duochrome. Unfortunatly the effect is hard to capture on camera. Downside to this polish is the stripy finish.

After all this time I still regard Fireworks as a very nice polish. I paid €4,95 for it.

And now… vote!

And now you get to choose which polish is up next! Below you can see the three new contestants.. which one is your favorite?

Swatch From My Stash II
H&M Silver – Essence Free Hugs – Golden Rose 93
online poll by Opinion Stage

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