Tag: Beauty vs. Brains

I really enjoy tags even though I never get tagged! This one is called Beauty vs. Brains but I don’t think that name suits very well. In anyway, here it is.. my answers to 9 questions.

1. What’s Your Favorite Book?
I can’t really pick one! I’m currently reading Jane Eyre (Charlotte BrontĂ«) again for the millionth time and I am falling in love with it all over. I’m like that; I have a couple of books that I just keep on reading again and again. Pride and Prejudice AND Persuasion (Jane Austen) also belong to that list, so does The End of the Affair (Graham Greene) and finally the Harry Potter series.

2. What’s Your Favorite Quotation?
Right now it’s that one that I used in my moleskine notebook: No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future. I’m still not done learning from that.

3. English or Math?
Well, I was okay at both but Math required you to learn all these formulas and definitions, while English was something I just did by ear. Being put to the test now I might still pass for English but I would miserably fail Math.

4. Science or Art?
Definatly not Science!! I had no talent for and no interest in the subject. Art has always been something that I enjoyed doing.

5. Favorite And Least Favorite Subject At School
Gymclass was my least favorite subject.. by far!! Favorite, gosh I hated school! I had no favorites! I even hated lunchbreaks and the like because I didn’t want to be there at all!

6. If You Could Study Anything, Anywhere, What Would It Be?
If I could go back to being 18 years old again or heck even 21 or 22 – while retaining the extra knowledge I have now and feeling much more sure of myself then I did way back in those days – I would try out for drama.

7. What Is Your Nerdy Little Secret?
I have no nerdy little secret, I think!

8. If your blog couldn’t be focused on your current topic, what would be the focus instead?
If I had to pick, it would be either focussed on books or crafts, a knitting and crochet blog for instance.

9. Name 5 musical artists that changed your life
Well, I wish I could deny it but I can’t; during my teens I was a massive MASSIVE fan of the Backstreet Boys. After that whole ordeal I discovered Sarah McLachlan and her music. And now, well.. I’m not really much into music anymore. I still enjoy the “old” songs but I’m not really keeping up with the whole music scene anymore. So I know that’s just two, but that’s all there is! Unless you count Michael Jackson.. My boyfriend happens to be one of his biggest fans and plays the same songs over and over and over (Billie Jean especially!) and it’s driving me batshit crazy.

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