Back Home From Luxembourg

Nope, I didn’t give up on this blog yet and I didn’t disappear! It turned quiet over here because I was on a one-week vacation to the lovely country of Luxembourg! I did some filming over there and made a video out of it, which you can see below. The comments are in Dutch but the whole thing pretty much speaks for itself, so watch, if you feel like it!


I went to Luxembourg once before – waaay back when I was a teenager – with my parents. So I already knew it was a beautiful place that I wanted to visit again. As it happens my kid is crazy about camping, so this year when the task to pick out a vacation destination arose, I picked campingsite Fuussekaul as our destination.

Casper had a blast, but while Martijn and I enjoyed the activities we undertook and the nature of Luxembourg, camping is not something we will attempt to do again soon. Somehow somewhere I turned into a luxury and comfort loving chick. I hated walking to and fro the toilet all day long (and night, lets not forget the nights!!) I don’t know about you but I pee a lot. And peeing in a public toilet is not my idea of relaxation.. don’t even get me started on doing number two :( Overhearing others doing number two.. no I will not go there!!

Anyway, is it just me or are these trips incredibly exhausting!? I feel absolutely drained. And strangely out of place too. Still I’m very happy to be back home. (Especially since my extremely loud neighbors are away on holiday for the next two weeks to come.. all of a sudden I realize that I live in paradise.. for as long as they’re gone at least!) So I’ll keep this short and leave you with this slightly odd, disturbing looking picture of my feet, on which I intend to elaborate later.

Back Home From Luxembourg

p.s. a big THANK YOU to the new followers of on Bloglovin’! It was a great surprize for me when I came back home to see the notices. I hope you guys are here to stay!

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