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Blog Help: 10 Blog Tips

I don’t know if I’m the right person to turn to for blog tips. Maybe so because I’ve been doing it for so long.. fourteen years and counting, but maybe not because my blogs have never gotten very big. Anyway I’ve composed a list that might come in quite handy to newer as well as to more experienced bloggers.

1. Decide when you would call your blog a succes. Is your blog a succes when you can make a living out of it? Is it a succes when the mailman delivers dozens of free stuff to your door every week? When it reaches 1500 followers on Bloglovin’.. of just 100? Or maybe success means that it’s still actively up and running after three months?

2. Don’t compare the growth of your blog to that of others because you will get discouraged. There will almost always be blogs that will grow faster. But think about how many there are that don’t do as well as yours. They don’t stand out, so you won’t notice, but they’re most certainly there! Wishing their blogs would do as well as yours.

3. Be proud of your blogging accomplishments! Oh man, this is a hard one for me because I can’t stop comparing to others. There was a time when I was aiming for 80 followers on Bloglovin’ and it felt impossible to reach that number. Now I have over 250 followers – on my Dutch blog that is – and it still doesn’t feel like much. But imagine having them over all at the same time.. it would drive me bonkers!

4. Sometimes the blogging flow will disappear. A lack of inspiration, visitors might leave.. in any of these cases there is only one solution: KEEP ON BLOGGING! Pinterest is a good place to get inspired, other blogs are too. Or dive into your own archives; do a follow up or simply get inspired by our older writings. Whenever you do get an idea, write it down imidiatly!

5. Promote.. endlessly! Endlessly!! Comment on other blogs, but never spam. Also share your posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (I suck at this!)

6. Some blogs feature banner walls or linkexchange pages. See if you can exchange links with them. Join a messageboard for bloggers, to meet new fellow bloggers and see who’s in need of guestposts. Writing for someone else’s blog might lure in a lot of new visitors to your own!

7. Be YOU! Write about the things you care about. Be honest. Your authenticity is what makes you unique.

8. Give something away. You could set up a normal giveaway, but it doesn’t really have to cost you any money. I make use of the social media icons by Sharing these for free has given Carrie a lot of backlinks in return.

9. Speaking of them.. don’t forget to make use of social media icons or other links to your social media accounts. Make it as easy as possible for people to start following your blog.

10. Blog because you like it. Don’t expect anything in return ;)

What’s your ultimate blog tip?

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