Yes I am aware of the fact that it’s been August for a whole week now, but I still have some catching up to do. So here is my recap of the #fmsphotoaday challenge for July. It was the first time I actually completed a challenge like this so HOORAY for me! I’m gonna milk it as much as a can and so I’ve collected all the pics I made during this challenge and made this blogpost out of it. Enjoy!
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1. Red and white
2. Something beginning with “K” – Koptelefoon > Headphones in Dutch
3. Match
4. Stars
5. On the table
6. View

7. First – First time behind the bbq! (They only do this when mom isn’t watching!!)
8. I’ve never.. – Never did “scooby-do” a hype here a couple of years back. Now every one is into “looming”
9. Alive – The national soccer team played that evening. Boy was it exciting!!
10. Sharp
11. Gold – Catrice nailpolish “Goldfinger”
12. Interior
13. Look up
14. Old school
15. Torn
16. Listening to.. – Silence because everyone is already asleep.
17. Sunshine
18. Admire – Casper, sounds corny, but he is A-MA-ZING
19. Curly
20. Moment – Dont know what to do with myself! I’m about to fall asleep here but really want to blog as well.
21. Basic – Basic summer essential: Flip flops!
22. I wore this
23. Macro – My old phone isn’t really suited for this challenge!
24. Water – Scrubbing the bathroom *cries*
25. Home
26. Fun – Packing bags isn’t my idea of fun.. so here are some dragons instead!
27. Ten
28. Cool – Face in a tree
29. Repeat – Mosaic floor in Bourscheid castle
30. Lost – A hard one! Someone from the LOST world is all I could come up with!
31. Rise – My cherry tomato plants are on the rise.

Do you ever participate in challenges like this?

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